Home Technology Trends for Your Sonoma Home

Sonoma real estate includes some of the most spectacular properties in the country. Homes in California’s famed wine country are designed to showcase the region’s majestic views and breathtaking beauty. Walls of full-length windows capture the early morning fog rolling in over the hilltops. Patios, pools, and outdoor dining spaces set a scene for effortless entertaining, and custom wine cellars allow residents to take advantage of Sonoma’s unparalleled varietal offerings. But these perks are now merely standard practice especially compared to the latest innovations in smart home technology sweeping the luxury home market.

From robot vacuums to the iconic clap-on, clap-off Clapper, home technology has long been a part of the life of homeowners. But today’s inventions are truly astounding and elevate even already affluent lifestyles to an ultraluxe experience. These popular home technology trends are changing how Sonoma homeowners enjoy wine country life and can make daily living healthier, more eco-friendly, and effortlessly streamlined. Let’s take a look at what exactly SMART technology is and how the new trends can enhance your home experience.

What is SMART technology?

Smart technology is cleverly called smart for a reason. The acronym stands for “self-monitoring, analyzing, reporting technology” and means your smart appliances, machines, and systems use data and artificial intelligence to anticipate your needs. This process essentially imbues machines with a sort of cognitive awareness that allows them to interact in certain ways to make your life easier. Your fridge can send you grocery list updates, your faucet can turn on for you, sans touch, and your climate system can prepare for your heated workout session.


Generations of home dwellers have shared in the effort of basic domestic chores. From the washing machines and dryers that steal the mates of countless socks to the fridge that holds hostage a forgotten block of cheese now turning a shocking shade of blue, appliances have been here to help… or, as the case used to be, complicate matters. But no more – the latest appliance technology accounts for everything.


Smart refrigerators can do everything from regulating temperature to sending items to your mobile shopping list. One of the most remarkable and beneficial components of the new fridge technology is the energy-saving quality. This type of fridge can detect when energy is being blocked, say in the freezer, informs you of the problem, and overall saves a significant amount of energy and money spent per year.

Your smart fridge has the ability to keep a current inventory of its contents, and you can even look inside remotely, which makes grocery trips and impromptu dining get-togethers much easier. These appliances can also track food freshness and can even alert you when something is nearing its expiration date.

Washing machines

Smart washing machines have an equally impressive list of functions. You can operate these machines from your phone, making this an especially helpful resource for families. School uniforms and soccer clothes will always be ready to go with the schedule function, and this kind of appliance can also tell you when a wash cycle is finished, as well as when the washer needs troubleshooting.


Much like the washing machine, a smart dryer offers a scheduling function so you can stay on top of the drying cycle and keep clothes fresh. You can start and stop the dryer from a remote location, and you can even restart it remotely once the dry cycle has finished.


The entertainment space was made for connected living, and these options will elevate any gathering. Parties can practically run themselves, which leaves you more time to relax and enjoy your guests.

Lighting systems

Smart lighting technology can instantly set the mood for your next party or screening session. Intuitive lighting and smart systems can automatically dim for movie night or go into disco mode for extra fun.

Sound and television systems

Smart sound systems and sound bars offer unprecedented quality and can seamlessly follow you as you move throughout the house. These can provide theater-worthy sound for an epic action movie while smart televisions continue to make astounding leaps. Smart TVs offer access to every imaginable show and sport, and holographic screens put you in the center of the action.


Various home technology aims to keep you and your family healthy and well-rested with a host of new options.


Sleep is one of the most important elements of a healthy lifestyle, and it can also be elusive, especially when work and stress take a toll. Technology is here to help with sleep monitoring systems designed to keep track of your sleep habits.

These devices usually hang on the side of the bed or sit on the bedside table and track how often you move in your sleep, your breathing patterns, and your heart rate, and then compile the data for you to review the next morning. This information can be immensely helpful in determining any changes necessary in temperature or sleep habits to ensure you get a good night’s rest.

Air quality

Air quality monitors detect much more than simple pet allergens and dust particles, although they do that too, which can be essential to both health and comfort. These smart monitors also track levels of carbon dioxide, pollutants, and noxious gasses to ensure your property is a healthy environment. The data is sent to a central dashboard, making it easy to track.

Climate control

Climate technology has evolved to incredible levels. Climate control devices allow residents to adjust the temperature of their home from a remote location, but even more impressive, the device can sense when you are close to home. This allows the technology to regulate your preferences, offering you an energy-efficient alternative as well as an ideal home climate at a moment’s notice.

A Sonoma resident for over 40 years, Mark Stornetta knows every inch of this beloved wine-country region. Mark’s clients praise his excellent communication skills, sharp attention to detail, integrity, and extensive knowledge of wine country properties. Mark and his Wine Country Real Estate team specialize in matching clients with stunning luxury homes and excel in advising real estate investors and negotiating deals. If you are looking for Wine Country real estate, contact Mark today.

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