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Located between Santa Rosa and Sonoma, in the famously beautiful and serene Sonoma Valley.


Welcome to Kenwood, CA!

Are you looking for somewhere warm and pleasant to purchase realty and raise a family or just a crop of beautiful grapes? Then Kenwood, CA real estate is certainly for you! Located between Santa Rosa and Sonoma, in the famously beautiful and serene Sonoma Valley, Kenwood is the perfect place to find a home. An unincorporated community, this little vineyard town has a rich history, fantastic weather, and an excellent education system, all for the residents of this particular little piece of winery history.

Kenwood, CA History

Filled with several landmarks that have been around for several decades, if not a whole century, Kenwood, CA is a rich tapestry of history. Originally inhabited by Native American tribes such as the Coastal Miwoks, the Pomos and the Wintuns, as many of the towns in the Sonoma Valley were, the area now known as Kenwood was eventually taken over by Spanish conquistadors and settled in order to have land in the new world. It wasn’t until 1823 that the area in the Sonoma Valley was truly settled and began to grow as more than just a simple land holding. Click here to read more about the history of Kenwood, CA.

Kenwood, CA Weather

If you are looking for a place that has sunshine for over 230 days a year, then Kenwood is the place for you! This little town has some of the beautiful weather shared by the many towns in the Sonoma Valley, with a low temperature averaging out in the 35 degrees Fahrenheit in January, and a high temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit in July. The average rain fall comes to between 30 and 40 inches per year, and the annual snowfall is 0 inches per year, making Kenwood a perfect place for anyone who wants a piece of sunshiny real estate. Click here for current weather conditions in Kenwood, CA.

Kenwood, CA Schools

Kenwood, CA is the perfect city for anyone who wants to raise a family in a warm, comfortable area with an excellent school, Kenwood Elementary and a variety of churches. Kenwood has an average teacher to student ratio of 1:15, and expends almost eight thousand dollars a year per student. Kenwood also has a very high graduation rate for high school, almost 80 percent, though students must go to near by high schools, as there are none in the actual town.

Kenwood Elementary School has an API Score this year of 841, which is an eleven point drop from last year’s base score of 852. While there is certainly a drop in the API Score, it is still far above the target goal of the state of California, which is 800. It is the only school in the Kenwood district, but there are several districts near by that have other elementary schools that can be considered. Click here for Sonoma County API School Scores.

Kenwood Real Estate Market Trends

Buying realty in Kenwood is a smart idea for anyone looking for a good investment. Compared to other cities in the area, the homes are affordable, with the average price for a home currently being $591,101. The prices of real estate has been slowly climbing though, meaning anyone who buys a home soon will be making a wise investment.

Relocating or Buying Real Estate in Kenwood, CA?

If you’re ready to purchase Kenwood real estate or need help relocating, then contact the Stornetta Real Estate Team @ (707) 815-8749. Whether you are searching for a valuable piece of real estate in wine country, or if you just want a beautiful place to retire and relax, you’ll certainly find it here! We are proud to welcome you to Kenwood and look forward to providing you with our “World Class service”! Contact Kenwood real estate agent & realtor, Mark Stornetta to find property, vineyard estates, houses, ranches, land & homes for sale in Kenwood, CA.

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