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This city is one of the older cities in the Napa Valley area and is known world-wide for its famous wineries.

Welcome to Napa, CA!

The city of Napa is located within the famous Napa Valley region of California. This city is one of the older cities in the Napa Valley area and is known world-wide for its famous wineries. It has a rich, diverse background, temperate climate, and many more glorious attributes that make owning Napa, CA real estate a joy and a pleasure. From the multi-ethnic restaurants to the vast wineries that produce award winning wines, Napa is an excellent place to own realty and to live for singles or families. Napa has many great attractions with home-town hospitality that makes real estate a prime commodity for all.

Napa, CA History

This history of Napa brings to mind thoughts of 49ers searching for pockets of gold in the California hills and some of the most famous vineyards in the world. The California Gold Rush may have put the Napa Valley on the map, but the region is known today for its wine industry, rising in the 1960’s to the 1st rank of wine regions with France and Italy. Hotels, restaurants, and historical sections line the streets and celebrate Napa’s dedication to history and their embracing of the future. Click here to read more about the history of Napa, CA.

Napa, CA Weather

One of the main things that attract many people to Napa is the fact that this California city has exceptionally beautiful weather. With a very Mediterranean climate, this city is far enough inland that it escapes most of the fog that seems to bother people in costal cities, but is close enough to the ocean to enjoy the cooling breezes of coastal towns. The average temperature in Napa is 47 degrees Fahrenheit in January and a high of 92 degrees in July. There are times when the temperature gets above 100 degrees in the Summer, but that only lasts for a week or two.

There are many sunny days in Napa, which makes the real estate there great for vineyards. Of course, there is rain too, but the average rainfall is only 24 inches, and most of the rainfall is in the Winter months of December, January, and February. It isn’t unusual to have temperatures in the 70s and 80s on Christmas day in this temperate area of the California wine country. This is why many people decided to settle in Napa in the past. Click here for current weather conditions in Napa, CA.

Napa, CA Schools

Napa not only has a large number of public elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools, but also has a large number of private schools in all three levels. The private schools are divided between parochial schools and just regular private academies. Napa, CA also has two colleges in the city, which include Napa Valley College and Vintage Academy of Hair Design. The schools in Napa are a part of the Napa Valley Unified school district, and have a wide variety of API Scores to choose from.

As most people are concerned with sending their children to the best schools, some of the elementary schools with the highest API Scores are Snow Elementary, Stone Bridge, Vichy Elementary, and West Park Elementary. The middle schools with the highest API Scores are River Charter Middle School, Redwood Middle School, and American Canyon Middle School. The public high school that has the highest API Score is Napa High School. All of these schools also had a positive growth in API Scores in the past year. Click here for Napa, CA API School Scores.

Napa Real Estate Market Trends

The growth of realty in Napa, CA has been climbing steadily for the past seven years. Seven years ago, the average price for a home in Napa was at $238,300. Within five years that price rose to $577,900 and continues to grow. The average rental price for an apartment or home in Napa is $1,162 a month, and obviously that makes it a wise decision to considering buying a home the way the real estate market grows and adds value to homes in the Napa area.

The total population of Napa is about 73,000 people, making this area the size of a small city. Most of this population consists of families, and the median number of rooms per home is 5.9. With homes of this size, it’s no surprise that the most expensive homes in Napa are valued at $1,000,000 or more, while the largest number of homes fall into the $200,000 to $249,999 range.

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