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This small city is the economic hub for the rural portions of the Sonoma Valley.

Welcome to Sonoma, CA!

Welcome to beautiful Sonoma, CA, where you will find some of the most striking real estate in the Sonoma Valley. Located at the heart of the wine-producing country in north California, this small city is the economic hub for the rural portions of the Sonoma Valley. With a population of about 9,500, you’ll have the charm of a small town with the distinctive and successful buzz of a larger city. With their historic buildings, famed multi-ethnic restaurants, and stellar school system, it is easy to understand why people are interested in owning Sonoma, CA real estate.

Sonoma, CA History

12,000 years before the Spanish missionaries came to the Sonoma Valley, the area and all of its beautiful real estate was inhabited by Native Americans. Some of these Native American tribes included Pomo-Kashaya, Wapo, and Patwin, which lived there peacefully for centuries. In 1823, the very first mission was established in the region by Spanish missionaries, who were captured by the beauty of the land, and the comfort of its climate.

Sonoma eventually became the center of the “Bear Flag Republic”, a revolt that eventually led California to break away from Mexican control, return to Mexico, and then become a part of the United States. Sonoma was eventually incorporated into an American city in 1881, and has grown ever since, becoming the beautiful city where people love to bring their families and buy realty in the temperate climate and peaceful surroundings. Click here to read more about the history of Sonoma, Ca.

Sonoma, CA Weather

The weather in Sonoma is as perfect as one could hope for. Most of the year the weather is sunny, with an average of about 30 inches of precipitation. None of that precipitation is snow, however, as the median temperature in the Winter months is between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Perfect for playing outside, golfing, or just growing the grapes Sonoma, California is famous for, the temperatures of the rest of the year are beautiful. During the Spring, Summer, and early Fall, the temperatures range from 55 to 75 degrees. All in all, the Sonoma Valley climate is very temperate, with a Mediterranean feel. Click here for current weather conditions in Sonoma, CA.

Sonoma, CA Schools

Purchasing Sonoma, CA real estate makes sense if you have children. When sending your child to school in Sonoma, you can be sure that you are getting the best education for your child. There are a number of private and public elementary and middle schools to choose from Sonoma, California, as well as three high schools, two of which are public and one private. If you are looking to further your own education, there are a number of colleges and universities that are very close to Sonoma. These include junior colleges and even well known schools such as the University of California – Berkeley.

While there are only a few schools to choose from in Sonoma, you will probably be more interested in the schools with higher API Scores. The elementary school with the highest API Score of 840 is Prestwood Elementary School. Adele Harrison Middle School has a score of 766, which is the highest scoring middle school in Petaluma. The high school with the highest score is Sonoma Valley High with a score of 732. Click here for Sonoma County API Scores.

Sonoma Real Estate Market Trends

When considering buying Sonoma, CA real estate, you should think about your realty purchase as an investment. Seven years ago, the value of a home in Sonoma was $342,900. Only five years later, that price went up to $755,200. The average rental price of an apartment or house is currently $959 a month. Obviously, the real estate trends are growing as quickly as the population of Sonoma is, and buying a home now will ensure that in five or ten years that you will find your real estate was a lucrative investment.

The population of Sonoma went up by 8.4% in six years time, the current population at about 9,900 people. The quickly growing population is living in homes that have a median of 5.7 rooms per house. These homes range from $90,000 to over $1,000,000 and 51% of these homes were on the real estate market at least once in the past five years. If these real estate trends continue, homes will be quite valuable in the Sonoma area in a small amount of time.

Relocating or Buying Real Estate in Sonoma, CA?

If you’re ready to purchase Sonoma real estate or need help relocating, then contact the Stornetta Real Estate Team @ (707) 815-8749. Whether you are searching for a valuable piece of real estate in wine country, or if you just want a beautiful place to retire and relax, you’ll certainly find it here! We are proud to welcome you to Sonoma and look forward to providing you with our “World Class service”! Contact Sonoma real estate agent & realtor, Mark Stornetta to find property, vineyard estates, houses, land, ranches & luxury homes for sale in Sonoma, CA.

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